From some other beginning’s end.

It’s been a grand half-decade, hasn’t it? We’ve covered off quite a bit I think. Giant grannies stomping through Limerick, incredibly sexy new toys, elections both local and presidential, global affairs, domestic affairs, naughty websites and powerful professions. There’s even been a bit of helpful advice. We’ve covered the big stuff, the usual stuff, the foreign stuff and the ridiculously local stuff. Somewhere along the way a couple of ideas managed to slip in under the radar too.


Enough of all that. Five years is long enough to do anything, I think. Thankfully I’m lucky enough to be part of a new group of writers whose skills far surpass my own. You can have a look at what we’re up to here: . I don’t do guarantees, but I promise more of the good stuff and less of the silly stuff.

Massive thanks to fellow contributors Calliope Mansfield, ContributorX, and Boutros-Butress Galling for showing that there may actually be a few like-minded ranters out there that are up for a new challenge.

Incalculably large thanks also to my tiny editor, not least for having to hear the frequently unedited verbal ranting long before it gets anywhere near a keyboard.

And most of all, thank you all for reading, liking, sharing, discussing, commenting, refuting, correcting, arguing and provoking. It’s been superb fun for me, and I hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves as much as I have.

Nighty-night, dolls


From some other beginning’s end.

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