Where I bash (verbally) a Bishop.

Bit of a misleading title I’ll admit, but after a 10 minute rant whereby my blood pressure increased several points; the future currently very much hypothetical grandchildren will not be setting a foot inside a Catholic (or any religious run) school, state or primary.
And if the Future Children ever, ever do not attack (verbally of course), statements as uttered by the Right Honourable Bishop with the same vim and vigour as yours truly; I will wrack my brain to think of a suitable punishment.

Now, to the point at hand. I could spend the next 30 minutes typing out a well thought out piece, seeing both sides, yada yada yada. I won’t. In my liberal mind, there is “no other side” to this argument. To my brain, in this matter, all other opinions are wrong. No discussion.

To the radio presenter in question; for the love of God, when presented with an idiotic argument such as this; verbally shoo the person until they are curled in a ball in the corner, sucking their thumb and crying “Mummy” in a decidedly pitiful manner.
Yes, I am perfectly aware they are under constraints of broadcasting standards, but still: stupid argument trumps broadcasting standards.

What has gotten my knickers in a twist this evening? This…. this piece of tripe as reported by The Irish Independent. Honestly, I don’t know which is worse: the Bishop, Newstalk (which I didn’t hear, I was trying to sort out a troupe of Germans this morning) or The Independent “reporter”.

My thoughts on the piece are in bold italics for your amusement or horror. All complaints that I refuse to acknowledge the points posed by those against Same Sex Marriage can be sent to: PO Box 1234, The recipient loves Malteasers, WordPress.

The Bishop of Elphin Kevin Doran liken the termination of a foetus to that of killing a terminally ill patient, adding that “to kill another human being is always sinful”.

How? Please explain this viewpoint. A terminally ill patient is going to die eventually. That’s the definition of the word terminal. A child may or may not die. Ultimately we are all going to die. So there is a point to be made that we are all terminally ill. However, I view that as a tad too pessimistic and therefore take the medically definition of terminal . But to compare the termination of a foetus to that of the killing of a terminally ill patient makes no sense. And since when do we kill terminally ill patients in this country (aside from leaving them on trolleys or failing to diagnose curable disease on time. I also reserve the right, if ever faced with someone trying to kill me; to kill them first.

“The child is still a human being, you don’t destroy a life in order to get back at the mother’s rapist,” he said.

I’ve been raped. I can do whatever the fuck I want. End of discussion.

Speaking to mark the first day of the Spring Meeting of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Bishop Doran told Newstalk Breakfast that it was not for him to pass judgement on those women who had travelled to the UK seeking terminations.

“It is between them and God, it isn’t a matter for public debate,” he said when questioned on whether they had committed a ‘sin’.

By passing such a comment, you are indeed passing judgement on them. Ass. (Did the radio presenter not call him on this???)

Asked about his view on abortions in the case of fatal foetal abnormalities, he said that “to suggest that the life of the child should be terminate because it will not live is to suggest that there’s no value to that life.”

It’s a fatal abnormality. The clue is in the medical term. Fatal. By all accounts any parent faced with the decision and opts to proceed with a medical termination (this is what I call it, it’s not an abortion), absolutely values the life of that child. 

Bishop Doran was speaking in the context of the upcoming referendum on same sex marriage, which he said, if passed, would undermine other marriages in Ireland.


He’s accused the government of trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes, saying that the term “marriage equality” was misleading.

‘The legislation that the Government is introducing seems primarily focused about making it possible for people in various different relationships to have children.’

From what I can recall in my age addled brain, it’s TWO SEPARATE PIECES OF LEGISLATION. The Children and Family Relationships Bill 2015 and the referendum on same sex marriage which will change the definition of marriage in the Constitution. Fuck sake, if you’re going to spout nonsense at least work with some facts, oh wait, you’re spouting nonsense…..

Bishop Doran said that the Church was “not interested in judging the emotional bond or care people have for each other”  Is this not part of Catholicism? Did I not listen to “Jesus says we should love everyone” for 8 years of primary school? but that, when it came to marriage and children, the discussion was about “two relationships, one of which, by its very definition, is about the rising of children, while the other is not,” he said.

So marriage is not related to children and children are not related to marriage? Grand, you can have marriage without kids, and kids without marriage but somehow I don’t think that was your point was it Bishop, hmmmm? What exactly was your point? I’ve been piecing together German translated to English all day and it made more sense than this statement.

When it was put to him that some gay people in Ireland already have children, Bishop Doran said: “They may have children, but you see this is the point, people who have children are not necessarily parents.

SO WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY THEN? Aliens? Gremlins? Elves?

The Bishop of Elphin also expressed his belief that “the jury’s out” on whether people are born gay, although he acknowledged he is was not an expert.

No shit Sherlock; are you an expert in anything?

Where I bash (verbally) a Bishop.

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