Arisen, shining.

Below are selected excerpts from various media outlets in the days following Easter Monday, March 28th 2016.

As per the round-table agreement in the months leading up to the memorial, the royal family shall be in attendance – represented by Prince Harry and wife Abdul – and will be seated with President Higgins. They will, however, be obliged to turn around in their seats and look directly east when the flag is raised over the GPO

The nation’s favourite daughter, Sinn Fein deputy leader Sinead O Connor took to the stage to rapturous applause for a heart-felt and touching rendition of ‘Amhran na Bhfiann’, only for the cheers to turn to boos when she concluded her performance by calling for a 4th Irish Republic and tearing up the nation’s flag on stage.

An Gardai will be on the alert for any repeat of the violent clashes seen in the capital during the week. One man was arrested and 6 and a half injured in the disputes, which saw anti-1916-commemoration atheists locked in street battles with pro-home rule protestors.

The controversial Love Ulster parade planned to coincide with the event was diverted away from the capital, and has instead been traipsing up and down the M50 since dawn. All seven marchers are said to be in high spirits.

An Tanaiste Eamonn O Cuivelera was unavailable for comment.

Arisen, shining.

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