5 Things we’d e to see from the Samsung S5

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The entire telecommunications world is currently holding baited breath for the impending (hopefully) announcement of the newest Samsung Galaxy flagship. The S5 will of course like its predecessors have huge shoes to fill, with the S4 proving one of the most popular handsets in the world over the past twelve months or so. Right now, we know very little as our friends in Korea are keeping a tight lid on the details. Here’s what we’d like to see Samsung deliver to stay at the top of the Irish smartphone market:


It’s the holy grail of smartphones, it’s the one thing more customers desire than any other, and so far the S4 was the closest, but could the S5 have enough juice to actually hold up to more than a day’s moderate usage between charges? The catch here is obviously design, a bigger battery means a bigger and heavier phone so this will prove a real challenge for the design team.


This one tends to divide opinion, but when compared to the Sony, Apple and HTC flagships du jour the S4’s construction – while incredibly lightweight – has been called by some users plasticky and cheap. Obviously an aluminium body means increased weight so it will be interesting to see if Samsung are still happy to be the odd ones out in the heavyweight decision by keeping it light, or will they instead go for a premium finish a la the Note 3.


The S4 brought us a whopping 13 megapixels of resolution and more features than most users could ever need, but with Sony’s Xperia Z1 packing 21 megapixels and Nokia already far beyond that figure on their flagship models, Samsung already have some catching up to do. Ideally it’d be nice to see a similar or expanded feature set with a 21 or more megapixel sensor.


While the S4 already has less wasted bezel space than almost any other handset, it’s always nice to have a bigger working area for media content and document work. It’s unlikely we’ll see anything with more active display than the Note 3, but a slight increase might help stave off the competitors


Samsungs truest challenge with the S5 is to deliver a feature that hasn’t been seen on smartphones before. For the HTC One, that’s the blinkfeed social media overlay. For the Z1, it’s water resistance. For the iPhone 5s, it’s the fingerprint scanner. Can Samsung deliver their own secret weapon to maintain top spot? Time will tell….

5 Things we’d e to see from the Samsung S5

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