No wonder there’s a summer break

Q: Where on earth would you find 25 teachers, 14 farmers, 9 lawyers, 3 doctors, 8 financiers, 15 odds and ends and 93 unemployed people?

A: The 31st Dail.


Of the 166 TDs listed over on, we have over half listing their jobs as “full time public representative” or nothing listed at all. All 3 doctors are Fine Gael. Most of Sinn Fein are just good party people with no other obligations apparently. The miscellany features a carpenter, a newsagent, a social worker, and an architect. And why 167? Because Michael McNamara is both a farmer AND a lawyer, making him arguably the most qualified TD in the state. 

So what does this tell us about who we look up to? From top to bottom, that’s 


  • Teachers – because obviously, most of our voting population never grows up.
  • Farmers – I have no earthly clue
  • Lawyers – People with an interest in legislation, probably not the worst idea?
  • Money people – hahahahahha


If the teachers were a party, they’d be the third biggest. An alliance with the farmers and they’d be in second place. Clearly, the enigmatic 93 that don’t do anything other than Politickle are where the real power lies.


No wonder there’s a summer break

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