No more, Butchie. No more.

In the five years since the collapse of the Irish and global economies (that order), I haven’t uttered a single word of abuse at “The Bankers”. They’ve been slated by pretty much everyone for half a decade now, many of whom naturally know as little (or maybe even less) as I do about the ins and out of financial institutions. Ireland has always found a way to have a group of people to pin all our problems on, be it “The Brits”, “The Nigerians”, “The Polish”, or whoever the collective verbal toilet du jour may be. Now, seeing as they Got Bailed Out and Are All Laughing, it seems that all the evils of the world originate from The Bankers. Bastards, they are. Sure you wouldn’t see you or me getting a bailout, and it’s us, the common people (insert heroic theme tune) that’ll be paying for it forever!

You’ve heard a lot of this since 08. So have I. It’s all technically true, but really has all sounded quite tired for a while now, so I’ve not really joined in. Lets be very clear here, the reason I hadn’t joined in is because I see large businesses as being more or less the same as an immensely base, instinct-driven beast. If the animals don’t behave it’s the fault of the zookeepers, and personally I think Fianna Fail were the most incompetent zookeepers in the history of the state – a rant for another time. No, I didn’t really blame the bankers. The role of the executive is to provide profits for shareholders. It’s not to protect employment or behave ethically, it’s to obey the law and make as much money as possible, right? 

Yeah, that particular stance went out the window today. In a week that saw the death of the greatest TV gangster of all time (sleep well, JG), a recording has come to light of more heinous and grandiose theft than anything any made man ever pulled off. The link below will take you to a conversation between two of the big-pantalooned Captains of Industry at Anglo, just before the bailout. In it they discuss how powerful their bank is compared to the puny government, how funny it is that they don’t need to pay it back, how much more it’s going to cost us (COMMON PEOPLE – DAH-DAHDAH DAHHHHHHH) than they’re letting on, and overall laughing a whole pile at the scam they’re pulling on the country you and I and everyone else has to live and die with the fortunes of. 


Have a listen, if you can stomach the pricks.

No more, Butchie. No more.

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